Fusion of technology and science―Toward the realization of "high-performance ceramics”
 This HP is Tanaka Laboratory, Department of Materials Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology.  Japanese







The scenery of Hakuba visited by a labratory trip

Our laboratory will contribute to the future of ceramics through research on ceramic manufacturing technology

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What's new

2019/6/07 「Associate Prof. Tanaka won the Best Paper Award of the Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan.

2019/3/29 「Held a workshop on basic science of functional ceramics manufacturing process using 3D visualization.

2019/3/26 4 master's students and 5 undergraduates graduated. Four masters and one undergraduate became engineers, and four undergraduates entered the master course.

2019/3/24-25 We participated in the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Ceramic Society and gave presentations.