The objective of our department is the education of the students to be the pioneering engineers who have vitality and originality on the research and development of the materials science and technology from the viewpoint of chemistry. The educational program consists of the basic subjects of chemistry, physical, analytical, inorganic, and organic chemistry, with special emphasis on the exercises and experiments.
According to this program, the students can acquire the global concept on the methodology of the synthesis and analysis of new functional materials with the practical knowledge of safety and environment.

Undergraduate Program

In our university, 80% of undergraduate students are admitted as juniors (third year students) and others are sophomores (second year students), and freshmen (first year students). We mainly accept technical college graduates as juniors in fields of materials engineering related to chemistry, chemical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering. Another feature of our admission policy is that many successful applicants are admitted solely on the basis of recommendations fiom their schools.

Master's Program

Students majoring in Materials Science and Technology will gain a wide and deep knowledge of materials chemistry from the fundamental and industrial viewpoints. Chemistry is the science of matter not only on atomic and molecular levels but also on the materials level. Progress in chemistry has brought about numerous novel materials, to make breakthroughs in modern technology. Chemistry also contributes to the safe lives for human beings. The Department of Materials Science and Technology provides students opportunities to study intimately with faculty members through attractive lectures and potential researches. We emphasize and encourage the highest degree of individual development in students.

Doctoral Program

Our integrated curriculum extends to the doctoral program, as well. The doctoral program emphasizes the development of highly capable people who possess a broad perspective and flexible, creative thinking ability. The program aims to train engineers and researchers who can advance in their academic pursuits while at the same translating the results of their work into practical applications, such as the creation of new technologies.