Materials are indispensable parts of the foundation of many industries and their development. The emergence of excellent new materials stimulates progressive ideas and thus leads to the birth of a new, leading-edge field of industry. At this course of Materials Science and Technology, students learn basic concepts about atoms and molecules that constitute materials as well as basic sciences and advanced applications of materials both organic and inorganic.

The course provides professional education in the fields of matter and materials to raise engineers equipped with both creativity and abilities to understand the essence of things. In addition, the course has a culture of respecting those who dare face and struggle with tough challenges and welcomes students from a very broad spectrum of disciplines, not just from fields of chemistry biology, matter, and materials but also from those of electronics, mechanics, etc. as well, as long as they are interested in materials.
Especially welcome are those who aggressively try to develop new materials and observe different phenomena and think logically, and those who are rich in personally, flexible ideas, and positive actions.