Furnace and Dry oven

MOTOYAMA Super burn furnace

MOTOYAMA Super Burn Furnace

Hand made furnace to melting glass. (up to 1400˚C)

Electric furnace :Isuzu, Japan

a tubular furnace with atmosphere control

a tublar furnace with atmosphere control

Dry oven

The dry oven in vacuo

Machining tools

Diamond-saw to cut ceramics or metal

Semi-automatic polisher

Automatic mortar

Ball mill: Fritsch premium line-P7

Ball mill

vibrator for sieve

Hand press

Rotary evaporator

Roll press machine

mixing machine

Burner and welding machine to maintain platinum crucible

Laser patterning machine

3D printer (Filament type)

3D printer (UV resin type)

3D printer

Desktop CNC

Raspberry pi and Arduino

To make thin film

RF-Magnetron sputtering machine

PVD machine to coat metal (Au, Al)

Ion coater

Spin coater (handmade)

Dip coater

Thermal analysis


Laser interferometer type dilatometer: ULVAC RIKO

For mechanical and electrical performance tests

Hardness tester :MITSUTOYO, Japan

Nano-indenter : Agilent G-200

Cube resonance setup to measure elastic properties (handmade)

ferroelectric properties testing machine

LCR meter and Impedance analyzer:HIOKI , Japan

Battery testing equipment: HOKUTO Denko and Electrofield, Japan

For optical properties

Spectrophotometer: SHIMADZU UV3150

Fluoro spectrophotometer: SHIMADZU RF-5300PC

Set up to determine quantum efficiency of photoluminescence: HAMAMATSU photonics

laser confocal Raman and photoluminescence microscope: Tokyo instruments Nanofinder

Set up for second harmonic generation

Second harmonic microscope

Fiber coupling system

Setup for spectroscopic Ellipsometry: HORIBA MM-16

Set up for electro-optic effect testing

Prism coupler: Metricon

Microscope, X-ray, and analysis setup

Polarization optical microscope: OLYMPUS BX-51

Stereo microscope: OLYMPUS

Birefringence imaging microscope:Tokyo Instruments Abrio

Laser confocal microscope: OLYMPUS OLS3000

Scanning electron microscope: KEYENCE VE-8800


Micro XPS and UPS: ULVAC-PHI VersaProbe Phi 5000